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The Homeschool Advantage for College:

The Importance of Dual-enrollment and a Great Transcript

  • 8 1/2" x 11" paperback-vinyl backing
  • Plastic cover
  • Teeth-bound
  • 60 pages

Author:  Kathleen Curley

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This book is recommended for homeschool parents who are preparing their children for the possibility of a future college education. People generally consider dual-enrollment (or concurrent enrollment) to pertain only to high school students; however, the opportunities dual-enrollment offers are of such value that parents of all-age children should familiarize themselves with this system. As a result, parents will be encouraged to prepare their children during their elementary and junior high years in order to one day take part in this program and utilize its many benefits.

This book was written at the request of several homeschooling moms. It is a detailed account of the steps I took to graduate three homeschooled children who simultaneously obtained their high school diploma and the equivalent of an associate degree. It explains college dual-enrollment and the many benefits it brings to your homeschool curriculum.

Included also are other issues important to the transition from high school to college such as regular standardized testing, college credit-earning programs (CLEP), and scholarship opportunities. It walks parents through the process of compiling a high school transcript that will convey their child's best attributes, whether academic or extracurricular, with the goal of maximizing scholarship opportunities. Finally, it provides a set of guidelines for both parents and students to follow while applying to various colleges.

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