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...I made my decision. For eighth grade math, my children would use the Beginning Algebra I college text. But this was just the beginning. ...another ingredient was necessary: transcripts that successfully conveyed all they had accomplished and who they were.
...At age fifteen and entering the tenth grade, Aaron became a dual enrolled college student, officially taking two classes. ...I have found that most homeschool students fail to realize that the ACT test can be taken repeatedly...
...Each of them had accumulated roughly 65 credits from college courses while still in high school. ...my intention was not for Aaron to be accepted into colleges; my intention was for Aaron to be really wanted...Aaron was scholarship material.
...This status of concurrent or dual-enrolled student is what made a huge difference in the lives of the Curley family... ...my children were awarded scholarship monies that collectively totaled $550,000.00 from various institutions!
...Although he would apply with over 60 credit hours (a status comparable to a college junior) he was still eligible for the same benefits offered to all incoming college freshman, namely, numerous scholarships. ...most colleges know nothing about homeschool curriculums. I wanted to be sure that if a college administrator was questioning the quality of Aaron's education, all his questions would have answers, especially...
...I didn't want CLEP to replace a high school class; I wanted CLEP to enable my children to earn college credit for coursework they did above and beyond the high school level. ...not only a student's high school academics but also his high school extracurricular activities. (Remember! Colleges are seeking the "Go-getter!")
...CLEP requires independent study; and testing is offered regularly throughout the year. ...the transcript is your final obligation in your child's education.
...Know Your Reqs and Transfer Agreements...

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