Aaron Curley.
    Aaron, age 22, will complete his masters and take his first doctorate classes during the fall of 2010. Aaron's concentration of study has been in the area of software engineering. While attending the University of Michigan-Dearborn for his bachelor studies, Aaron won numerous awards and scholarships for his efforts. Among these was the Chancellor's Medallion, UM-D's highest honor awarded to the top five students of the graduating class. Aaron Curley graduating from UofM Dearborn, 2009.
Aaron Curley working at the computer.     While completing his undergraduate studies, Aaron completed a 2 semester internship at SOLO World Partners in Riverview, Michigan where he worked as IT Administrator and designed, implemented and deployed numerous improvements for the company's inventory tracking database systems. He led a project, from initial planning through deployment, to develop a system to electronically track the location of parts using a handheld barcode scanner.
Aaron working on one of his 2D games.     Aaron also managed a team of nine students from both UM-D and the College for Creative Studies (Detroit, MI) to develop a 3D game with custom features and artwork; and under the direction of a professor from UM-D's computer science department, he also conducted research as part of his undergraduate studies, developing a workflow software for TRW Automotive.
    Aaron's technical interests are not restricted to just the computer. Aaron is constantly putting his engineering mind to use with electrical projects, soldering projects, and car repair. He is truly a "gadget man." Aaron making car-repairs.
Aaron having fun at the cottage. Aaron on the Detroit River.
    For recreation, Aaron likes hiking, biking, and swimming
outdoors. He especially likes being around the water.

Aaron, Jacob, and Josiah having a Nerf war.     He is an easy going fellow with a gentle personality; but give him a nerf gun and a couple of fun brothers, and Aaron will instantly become transposed!