In May of 2009, Ruth (age 17) graduated from Good Counsel Homeschool (the Curleys' homeschool) and at the same time simultaneously graduated with her Associate of Science Degree from Monroe County Community College in Michigan. In the fall of 2010, Ruth (age 19) will be a senior in college and have 90 credits toward a Bachelor of Spanish. Ruth loves language, all kinds. She has been writing and speaking Spanish for 6 years. She is starting her third year of German, has studied 1 year of written Biblical Greek, and is beginning both Japanese and American Sign Language next semester. Ruth Curley graduating 2009.
    She is a student at Northeastern State University (Tahlequah, OK) where she goes to school as a Baccalaureate Scholar (NSU's highest scholarship honor). When her bachelor is complete, Ruth plans to transfer to a larger school for her masters in Spanish and further develop her fluency in other languages.
    Ruth is undecided about how or where she would like to put her language skills to use, but she has interest in teaching at the college level, and/or acting as an international interpreter. Ruth attending Tulsa County Community College.
Ruth with several of her favorite paintings.     Until this recent year, Ruth has taken piano instruction since age 5. Currently, she enjoys playing for monthly youth services at church. Ruth also began painting lessons at age 10 and continues to paint either under instruction or by herself on a regular basis. She has tried her hand at oils, watercolors, pen and ink, but her favorite medium is acrylic.
    Ruth has always enjoyed working with young children. Even as a child herself, she was usually the neighborhood ringleader who regularly designed treasure hunts, puzzle games, and other group activities for the little ones of the neighborhood. One of Ruth's more elaborate hobbies is performing 30 minute magic shows where she employs the use of many professional tricks she has acquired over time. One thing for sure, Ruth always finds a way to have fun with everything. Ruth playing with her latest Christmas gift, build-it-yourself drinking straw.
Ruth with her rabbit Riley.
    Ruth has a favorite friend who lives in our living room. With a wiggly nose, fuzzy lop ears, and cotton tail, Riley the rabbit brings a smile to Ruth every day.